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Buying Boats As Investment and to Make Profit - yellowfin boats


you can get a mortgage for the purchase of boats

We recently faced a very interesting question , in the middle of the roller coaster in the world economy . Can you buy pleasure yachts as investments ?

And the answer to this question is much less complex than people might think . Not so simple too. But the answer is YES! In fact , brokers and agents around the world have invested a lot of money in buying large boats (which I would say is the size ranging from 40 feet to 100 feet) as an investment.

Such as buying houses, you can get a mortgage for the purchase of boats . With much less friendly terms . Which means you have to make full payment back in 5 years and a maximum of 12 years if you are lucky to find a bank that accepts . Interest rates are usually not the best . Especially with private finance companies . But nevertheless, it is possible to obtain new financing or new ish ships.

Banks and some large financial firms do not provide loans for older ships , unless you have a good relationship with the provider of that particular fund. The reason is simply because banks can not understand the evaluation of a boat. The assessment of vessels and boats usually too much variation in the size of their engines , the ship was built and the style , the size of the boat, the particular situation of used boats and materials used in the construction of the boat. So I would say if you are looking to invest in boats, then it is better to have a little money and love. As in marriage. People say , have a boat , it's like having another wedding , I disagree , because the boats are much more loyal than humans.

Back to our topic on boats as investments. So yes, in some cases, has recently become a good investment. Including Hong Kong (China) and Asia. Hong Kong is better especially as the boat maintenance is an easy thing to do here . Compared to other parts of Asia . There are 10 reasons why you can get more money for a boat, its a few years after that when you bought it .

1) exchange rate to buy this particular ship as "New" in their country of origin has increased.
2) The nominal value of the "new" boat model increased ( This is probably because the prices for new boats only increase year by year due to the high costs of labor and inflation)
3) You have a rare brand and model ( This is not true, because there are good boats custom design available worldwide )
4) If you purchased a boat at a good price , well below the market value. ( I wish every buyer )
5) If you have purchased an old boat and did a good job on the renovation and repair of the same, and it will be a quality standard .
6) If you purchased a new well designed for a good price and good quality , Taiwan or China ship custom ( or countries with similar price).
7) If you purchased a new boat or the manufacturer who has good prospects of its future popularity due to its quality and design of the construction of yachts.
8) You bought a large boat from abroad, while the exchange rate was at its best.
9) Have you changed - in his old boat for a good value for a new boat.
10) Rare but not impossible , you bought a boat at a good price because it is considered unlucky because of an accident or death in the boat or any other unfortunate event happened to its owner. ( A sad thing to make money , I can understand this from the point of view of the owner )

Another great talent that will help is to understand the movement of the markets, and if we can assume that a country will have increased their demand for boats. For example, a few years ago , Russia was in great demand because of its political, economic and some changes. South Korea has been a slight increase in their demands about 6 years ago because of the economy and also an additional week of vacation, it was announced by the government.

Markets Australia are still favorable , especially as the purchase of boats that can take the knocks ships rather fancy looking . Boats so good quality for a good price is almost always a market in Australia . Unless economic gloom facing the country such as the recent global recession. However, there are always current economic crisis and how the human mind is always , no matter how much it takes to win.

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