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In our service yard we see many issues that are very expensive to repair that easily could have been prevented with proper maintenance. Here are some of the issues we see most often;
Leaks are a major problem and should be addressed as soon as you are aware of them. The damage of leaks can be very expensive and also create a safety issue. Here are some actual examples that we have witnessed; chain plates leaking so that the water goes down the wood bulkheads and rot around the chainplate area. As we were tuning the rigging, the chainplate started to pull out of the boat. If we had not found the problem, the owner’s boat would have been dismasted. We had a beautiful motor yacht in our yard and he had issues with the stern thruster. The motor had burned up from fresh water leaking from the stern rail. As we replaced the stern thruster, the water captured in the transom core drained for 3 days. The transom core was completely waterlogged and the repair ran into thousands of dollars. We can give many more examples, but all these can be avoided by addressing leaks as they occur.
Not waxing the hull and deck: We boat in the tropics, the sun is harsh and, just as you need to use sunscreen, you need to keep your boat protected against the elements. We just sold a boat for 20% more than typical boats of that model. The main reason was the owner had a cleaning service that cleaned the bottom of his boat monthly, but also waxed the boat 3 times per year. He had the Sailor’s Wharf address issues as they happened. Even though the boat was 15 years old, the gelcoat still had a good shine and the boat was sold for more than $50,000 over a typical model with average maintenance.
You or someone needs to change the engine oil as per manufacturer’s suggestion, but at least annually. Keeping the engine(s) clean, checking the motor mounts for rust, keeping oil absorption pads under the engine(s) replaced as needed (if oil is on the pads, check the engine(s) for leaks). Your engine(s) may run fine, but if they look bad, things can happen. Oil can hide clamps that need replacing, oil seals that leak, hose(s) that need to be replaced etc. Check your belts and always keep spares on board. A clean engine room says that the owner also maintains the engine(s) properly.
One of the biggest reasons AC systems fail is lack of maintenance. On most systems, the condensation goes in the pan that is part of the AC system and then goes to the bilge or a separate sump system. The pan can rust and the AC compressor, which is made of steel, will rust at the bottom. Since most systems are out of sight, under a bunk, in a locker, engine room etc., people seem to avoid checking them. When is the last time you cleaned the coils? You can buy coil foaming cleaner at Ace Hardware, Home depot, Lowe’s and many automotive stores. Just spray it on, let it sit as per directions and wash it clean. It makes a big difference in the efficiency of the cooling system. The AC system needs to be flushed with a good marine descaler, which is better done by a professional, since they have the correct equipment. Also, as most of you know, the raw water strainer needs to be checked often, especially when sea weed is floating on the water. When the raw water flow stops, your AC will shut down.
I can easily give you item by item of equipment that needs to be maintained. A real boater will understand that it is part of the sport and most actually enjoy keeping their boat clean and well maintained. Get to know your owner’s manual and read the equipment manuals to see what the recommended maintenance is for this equipment.
Think about the economics…. a good clean boat will sell for a much higher price and quicker. Today most of the buyers are paying cash for their boat; they don’t need to take on someone else’s problems. When you are ready to sell your boat and it is not well maintained, expect to take a loss. Since we haulout many boats for other brokers for survey, we know that if a surveyor comes up with $10,000 worth of issues that need to be addressed, the buyer will usually offer $20,000+ less for the boat, because of the hassle of having to fix them. Fix problems when they occur; if you’re running lights fail, replace the bulbs, if it is the fixture that is broken, replace it. Keep your boat clean and wax it 3 times per year. Canvas should be kept clean and waterproofed annually.
If you can afford it, have a good full service boat yard like the Sailor’s Wharf address these issues; it will make your boating experience much more enjoyable and you will have much more fun with your investment, plus! when you are ready to sell your boat or trade it for your next dream boat, you will get a better price!

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