mercredi 1 juillet 2015

New Savage Gear Hybrid Shrimp lures


Savage Gear produced new cool Hybrid Shrimp lures that will be suitable for fishing at the Adriatic and in other seas. One model is made for fish and maybe octopus, armed with a treble hook. The other, Hybrid Shrimp EGI Jig  that look almost the same is made for squid. Even it is not yet possible to buy them in shops, these lures will hit the market soon, probably at the right time for new squid season. Last season we had good results with Yamashita and Kanji egi squid jigs, but this Hybrid Egi Jig is something our squids have never seen yet. Why hybrid? Because it is a combination of hard plastic body and soft plastic legs. Made for long cast and look very realistic like real shrimp. How will our squid react to the soft leg movement and this new lure action, we will see soon. So be ready! As soon as possible get some examples and try your luck.

from Fishing In Croatia (and in the neighbourhood)

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